Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring in the gorge . . finally

It is definitely time to switch to spring pictures. The longer days are allowing more walking time after work. Sometimes we walk the neighborhood with the dogs, but my favorite is walking riverfront trial. It is so peaceful and relaxing near the water. Of course, we do share the trail with bicycles, roller bladers and dog walkers. When we take Beau, he thinks he is the biggest dog on the block. He is almost as big as Buttons now. He was supposed to be much smaller.
We finally got Jim enrolled at the Portland VA. He is going to have a consultation with their pain clinic to see if there is something else that can be done for the pain in his foot. It has been a long, exhausting year searching for something that will alleviate at least some the the pain. It puts such a damper on everything for him.
I have been knitting socks lately. They are easy to stick in my purse so I can work on them when I have to wait for appointments, etc.
Tomorrow after work, the tomatoes, tomatillos and cucumbers are going into the garden. We may need to expand our gardening this year since produce is getting more expensive. I do love home grown tomatoes. Our grape arbor is doing really well. We are going to take the fence across the backyard down and replace it before it falls down.
Now for the ten things I love.
1. Do I get to count my grandchildren as the first 8 items? Okay, I'll just lump them together.
2. My kids.
3. Gardening.
4. Miss Julia books.
5. Fat Free Strawberry ice cream.
6. Sunshine and relaxing in my adirondack chair.
7. Hour long massages (I had one Saturday. My insurance reimburses half the cost.)
8. Chocolate.
9. Sleeping in.
10. My husband and his sense of humor. He also has very kissable lips. (No I am not too old to be thinking about things like that!)
11. Shoes that don't hurt my feet.
I am thinking I may retire earlier than originally planned. Six years is sounding much better than ten. My biggest excitement lately is when the Wii told me I was no longer obese, just overweight.