Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It's been awhile!

I finally got my pictures uploaded from my camera. Ryder is getting so big so fast. At his last checkup he was 10 lbs. 3oz. He is eating 6 oz at a time now. Dylan took this picture Sunday evening. He does a better job than I. You can also see how short my hair is now. It really saves time in the morning. Just wash, mouse, tossle and out the door.
Jim blessed Ryder Sunday. Marcus came, but left right after the blessing. Katy stopped by Mom's on the way to the church, but she wasn't home. We forgot to invite her.
You might think that this is a fussy baby but when his tummy is full, he is a very happy little fella. He and Katy are living with us until she can get into an apartment. We have a couch that folds out into a bed and Ryder's crib in the guest room so we really have a guest room.
We actually did to to the grand opening of Ikea. It was fun. We had no traffic problems and the store did not seem to be overly crowded. There were so many things that would be great to bring home. Then I remember how crowded our rooms already are. We have been able to store some things in our shed until Katy needs them when she moves.
I ended up working Saturday after we went to Ikea because Joyce was in the hospital and we needed to get caught up. Then the next week Dar and I worked 10 hour days. It was fun to be able to come home and hold Ryder and relax. There's nothing like a baby to help you forget everything else.