Sunday, September 23, 2007


Saturday we took Jadyn and Dylan to Schreiner Farms to see some animals. There were Zebras, camels, llamas, emu, giraffes, elk, watussi and cows. We have been meaning to take the kids there for a long time. It is very easy. You turn in the drive and the animals are in fields on either side of the road. You stay in the car and turn around at the first barn. The kids were a little disappointed that they couldn't get out and walk around like at the zoo. Part of my plan was to get Jadyn to take a nap and give Dylan some time away from the computer. I think he may just go to work for Google when he is old enough. We took a drive through Dallesport to see the airplanes and all the new housing. As we entered the was a sign that said "Googleville" which really tickled Dylan's funny bone. He told his parents he went to Googleville and they were wondering what he was talking about. Now he can take them to see the animals, too.
Dylan is starting soccer. His dad is really excited about helping him learn the game and have fun outdoors. With Edson working nights in the summer, they don't have as much time together as he would like. Jadyn was a little put out when Dad told her she was too young to play on the team. She is such a good housekeeper. She cleaned the kitchen floor with a rag while I was out shopping. I couldn't believe she didn't want to go with me. It would have saved me some money. As it was I was free for a couple of hours while she stayed home with Grandpa and cleaned. Grandpa was cleaning the kitchen counters. Then she moved into the living room and dusted the TV and the tables. She would rather listen to music than watch TV.
After we went to the farm and Googleville we went to the Discovery Center but didn't go in. On the way out of the parking lot, Jim said she would be asleep before we got back to the house. She insisted she would not because she wanted to go to the park. She was asleep by the time we got to the house for a battery for Jim's hearing aid, but Dylan was awake so I sat in the car and read Miss Julia while she slept and he played. Of course she woke up as we left the park.
Jim signed up to take a non-credit Spanish class this fall. I'll probably learn some when I help him and Susie with their homework.

We have lots of grapes and plums this year. The rest of the garden is just about done. There are still some tomatoes on the vines and the green beans just won't quit. I found a really cute scare crow at JoAnns when I went scrapbook shopping. I found lots of fun stuff so it will be in the box for Marie.

We finally caught a mouse in the utility room. It managed to eat the peanut butter off several traps before finally getting caught. I think it just got so fat that it was finally heavy enough to trip the trap. Changing the subject completely. I lost 1.4 at WW last week and today looks like a really nice day for a long walk.

My GGG Grandparents Elbridge & Hannah