Sunday, November 30, 2008

The view from my window

I took a picture of Beau in front of the fireplace so Ryder went over and sat down in front of it. Beau couldn't be outdone, so he went back to get in on the photo op.

I wanted to share a taste of fall in the gorge in these pictures taken from by office window. Getting the right focus makes all the difference. I can't figure out how to delete the fuzzy one.

This is Beau the night before his visit to vet for surgery. He came through like a champ. He didn't even act like anything had happened until he jumped up on the couch. He and Buttons are going to the groomer together tomorrow. Another first for Beau. Since his surgery, he has not liked to be brushed like he used to.

This is our new fireplace. We like it a lot better than the big black wood stove that took up a huge part of the living room. Everything seems more open and brighter. It is also the perfect place to displace important family members.

Jim is having a rough time with the change in his medications. Today was the best day so far. We hope that in a couple of days, he will be able to get back to his regular schedule.