Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I love the mimosa tree. The blossoms are fantastic. The second picture is looking up into the tree. The hydrangea blossoms are on the same bush. They start out pink and turn purple. Beau thinks he is the chief cultivator. He prefers the bark to be on the outside of the flower bed and loves to dig it out. He is learning quickly that "outside" is his favorite area. Buttons has almost trained him to give her plenty of space. They actually took a nap on the floor together yesterday. Of course I was at work so I missed the photo op.

The boots on Jadyn

Edson is helping Dylan get all his gear on for roller hockey. Because he is in the youngest group, their games are at 9 a.m. on Saturday. We did make it to one game. Hopefully, next year we will make it to all of them. He had never been on skates until a week before this game. Most of the time, he was pretty stationary. The stick definitely helps with balance.

I shared the picture of Jadyn in my boots because she puts them on so the puppies can't scratch her legs when she is wearing shorts. She found out that long pants and shoes work just as well.

We took Dylan and Jadyn to the Discovery Center on the 4th of July. Dylan is standing next to a sculpture of the Columbian Mastadon. As you can see, it was a really big elephant-type animal. It is part of the Ice Age presentation.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

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This is Teka. Beau is nibbling on my toes. You can see
some of the swollen right ankle and foot.

3 joys: chocolate, grandkids, sitting in my adirondack chair in the yard listening to the leaves rustle in the wind.
3 fears: not reaching my goal at WW; flying, but I'm getting better; surgery
3 goals: pay bills early every month, save more and spend less, paint my dining room
3 obsessions: reading, knitting & crocheting, chocolate
3 random facts: I was 18 when I got my driver's license. I tend to be a night owl even though I really enjoy the crisp air in the early morning. I love crawling into clean sheets at the end of the day.

Alive and well

It's true, we are still alive and well. My fracture healed, but that ankle swells up like a balloon so I have to wrap it until that goes away. It seems like summer just arrived a couple of weeks ago. We had such a cold spring that dragged on and on. This week, we have been pushing 100.
We have a new puppy. Why are there two in the bed? We are puppysitting Amy's pup, Teka. Ours is Beau. Teka is the one with her tongue out. They are half Yorkie and half Papillon. They will not weigh more than 7 pounds when all grown up. Since they are terriers, they have lots of attitude and don't realize they are tiny. They wrestle till they drop. Their ears should stand up by the time they are 3 months old.