Sunday, February 3, 2008

More Scenery

I took my camera to work to capture these view. Dar and I climb the stairs to the 4th floor for excercise. Then as my reward, I got to take some pictures. The weather is always much better in the middle of the day for pictures. I have always loved the river and the mountain views.

First Video Attempt

I was trying to figure out how to capture video with my camera and Jadyn made a good subject. She had a princess party this year with two other girls all in their princess dresses. I think she will be able to be Sleeping Beauty for a couple more years. The fourth invitee was sick and couldn't come but they had a good time and lots and lots of new toys to play with. The cake was a princess castle with a princess figurine for each guest to take home. They were so cute.

Our little Ryder has recovered from his outpatient surgery and is doing fine. At times, he has a bit of a redhead's temper. I picked him up at daycare and forgot to make sure I had his binkie and he screamed at me all the way to his house. Katy and Marcus had a nasty case of a not-the-flu virus that pretty much laid them low for a week. They are planning to move to the metro area. Marcus starts his job with Horizon Air a week from Monday. They are very excited about having health insurance. Marcus has not had any insurance while working in the family business. He is trying very hard to provide stability for his little family. They hope to have a two-bedroom apartment with lots more room than the have now.

We are busy getting everything ready for our upcoming trip to Guam. When you are old, you have to make sure you have all your meds, etc. Only about a week to go. Warmth and sunshine here we come.

Front Door View

A few days can make quite a difference in the view from our front door. The snow is beautiful, but you can't see the mountains much of the time .

Then the clouds and fog clear and we get the breathtaking view of the mountains again. My neighbors may not appreciate me snapping pictures all the time, but oh well. I hope to get a shot of Mt. Adams one of these days.